Through our Academy we strive to make people development in all sectors enjoyable, accessible and engaging.

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The content library houses the most up to date forms, templates, guidelines, flowcharts; basically all your essential HR documents in one place.

Our team can create bespoke e-learning content for you across a range of Statutory & Mandatory core subjects to fulfil your employer responsibilities, as well as a range of people management subjects to advance your managers capability in subjects such as: recruiting and retaining the right resources, managing and optimising performance and workplace wellbeing.

We are also proud to provide TILM accreditations.

You HR Academy can equip you with the most cost effective and efficient innovative solutions to maximise the development, performance and productivity of your people and the processes in their surrounding work environment and employment.

You can access one or more of our vital tools in the Academy, whether accessing content or e-learning, we ensure you have access to everything HR.

Whilst our online products and services give you everything you need to manage your employees, there’s nothing better than having a bit of quality advice and guidance to go accompany this and assure you that you are addressing matters in the right way. Our Retained HR Services, ensure clients are supported, advised and guided as their business grows. “it’s all about the people”. Get in touch by emailing to find out how we can help you!

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Online HR Content Library

We offer Retained HR at three different levels; Essentials, Elite & Excellence.

Each package provides you with exclusive access to the HR content library!

Generally used by our micro-sized clients (whether recruiting for the first time, or realising as their workforce grows that they need to have the core basics of HR in place). Essential clients tend to range between 1 – 10 employees. This service does not provide any advice or support, beyond simply accessing the monthly downloads from the online Content Library of this Academy. When needed, Essentials clients may buy time from our Pay As You Go service (PAYG) whenever additional support is required.
Clients can be sized anywhere between 8 – 25 employees. Some clients that are paying for HR support for the first time want the benefit of key content from the Content Library of our Academy and knowing that our virtual HR Advice and support is there for them, day-to-day, when they need it. Our Elite clients can see the value of our annual work plan we tailor make for them and they purchase additional Elite or Excellence PAYG when they need it.
Clients utilising this level of service tend to have 15+ employees and want to advance their HR or simply benefit from an onsite presence. We focus on enhancing employee communication, engagement and involvement. We can attend/facilitate management meetings/development sessions, coach and guide managers. Clients get the full benefit of our services tailor made to fit their organisation as well as access to an extensive range of HR resource.

You will have your very own secure ‘branded’ space on our Academy. Our team and online client user guides will enable you to experience an easy to use system that is compatible with any device. When you sign-up as a Retained You HR client, your account will enable your key personnel to access our Content Library.

Users can:

  • Navigate between content areas easily
  • Search a subject and preview the content before you download
  • See any relatable content to the subject that you are searching
  • Browse content by content type (i.e. forms, guidelines etc…)

All content has the YHRC seal of approval and is regularly updated to ensure it is compliant with current legislation. The Academy will even notify you via email when there are updates to content which you have previously downloaded.

Our user friendly HR Content Library gives you access to 100’s of best practice Templates, Forms, Guidelines, HR Standard Operating Procedures, Flowcharts, Checklists and much more!


  • Recruitment and Selection
  • Learning and Development
  • Employee Relations
  • Well-being
  • Organisational Change
  • Pay and Reward
  • Organisational Development
  • Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity
  • Leave and Working Arrangements
  • Leaving your Organisation

Cultivating your ‘Seeds’

To assist you in accessing our content, You HR Academy uses a system where an allocation of ‘seeds’ are provided each month (that you can sow, helping your business and people grow). You can use your monthly allocation to download the content you need. The amount of ‘seeds’ is capped per Retained HR Service level. More ‘seeds’ can be purchased at the click of a button.

Monthly download of ‘Seeds’ Cap
Essentials Elite Excellence
X 10 X 20 X 30

Click here to contact us for a free demo and further details on our Retained HR packages.

Statutory and Mandatory Training

We can create a tailormade e-learning library of training for your business whether it’s to house:

  • An Induction Programme as part of onboarding and commencing employment
  • Statutory & Mandatory Training to ensure legislative compliance
  • Role Specific Training

We have standardised best practice statutory and mandatory training courses that cover a multitude of topics from:

  • Fire Safety
  • Health & Safety
  • Security
  • Moving & Handling
  • Safeguarding (levels 1 and 2)
  • Infection Prevention Control
  • Risk Management
  • Counter Fraud
  • Emergency Preparedness, Resilience and Response
  • Information Governance
  • Corporate Induction
  • Standards and Compliance
  • Departmental/Team inductions
  • Dignity and Respect
  • Equality, Diversity & Inclusivity
  • Data Protection (including GDPR Compliance)
  • Recruitment and Selection
  • Appraisal Management
  • Raising Concerns (including Whistle Blowing)
  • Workplace Wellbeing

You can choose to tailor these courses to your business brand and incorporate your own images, videos, content and specific practices (i.e. including your policies/processes, workplace information e.g. process for raising a concern, managing a risk, dealing with data requested, where your fire points are, how to deal with emergencies, complying with your standards, opportunities around wellbeing).
Our creative and engaging style covers essential requirements but most importantly gives the learner what they need and gives you a cost effective return on investment and assurance that your staff (employees and other resources) are consistently trained.

you HR Academy can also house training you already deliver face to face if you are looking to improve the way your employees access this training or put a more cost effective solution in place. Get in touch with us (using our ‘contact us’ page) and we’ll be able to help you with this.

Click here to contact us for a free demo and further details on our standard and bespoke statutory and mandatory training courses and modules.

People Management Programmes

Our People Management Programmes training courses and modules enable cover a multitude of topics to enable learners to become confident managers. The journey to become a line manager and transition into a good people manager takes time to learn and refine skills and knowledge.

Our training courses are based around putting learning into action and encouraging learners to use ‘live’ examples to develop their skills and deal with the challenges or where they might feel areas of people management overwhelming.

Learners will gain access to best practice processes, operating within underpinning ‘employers’ responsibility around legislative/regulatory requirements (using non-jargonistic content), ultimately how to develop teams, individuals, themselves, and progress the people management in the workplace overall:

  • Recruiting and selecting the right people to the right roles;
  • Managing and Maximising Performance;
  • Appraising, Rewarding and Recognition;
  • Meeting Management (inc. facilitation, conducting 1:1’s, chairing a meeting);
  • Managing workplace wellbeing;
  • Dealing with difficult situations
  • Undertaking investigations;
  • Handling grievances and disciplinaries effectively;
  • Managing and leading change successfully;
  • Managing Talent, Succession Planning for the future;
  • Management and leadership core skills.

You can choose to tailor our courses to your business brand and incorporate your own images, videos, content and specific practices (i.e. including your policies/processes, workplace information e.g. your style on how you choose to recruit, your appraisal process, policies, benefits you offer to employees/standards around attendance).

Our expertise in advancing people management knowledge, skills and experience undoubtedly gives the learner what they need and gives you a cost effective return on investment and assurance that your management development in your business is advancing.

Get in touch with us (using our contact us page) and we’ll be able to help you with this.

Accredited TILM

We offer Associate (operational level management) and Member (Senior Management, Business Leader level) certified development programmes accredited by The Institute of Leadership and Management (TILM).


Associate level (equivalent to level 5) embraces core aspects of what operational managers encounter on a day-to-day as they manage people to develop their technical knowledge, strategic insight and practical expertise across 4 key modules.

  • Culture, Ethics and Recruitment
  • Managing Performance
  • Managing and Achieving Change Successfully
  • Equality, Diversity, Inclusion and Wellbeing


Member level (Equivalent to level 7) is for senior managers and organisational leaders to develop strategies for maintaining a high-performance culture within their areas of influence and ensuring the maximum benefits are gained through best use of resources across 4 key modules

  • Recruitment, Retention and Relationship Management
  • Maximising and Maintaining Sustainable Performance
  • Leading Change and Transformation Successfully
  • Creating a Culture of Equality and Inclusivity

Learner Journey

The Learner Journey

Programme Benefits

The programme aims to:

  • You have 6 hours of online coaching with your Personal Development Coach to use as you choose. We recommend 6 individual hours of coaching spread throughout the Units.
  • Increase knowledge, understanding and experience of People Management at all supervisory, management and leadership levels
  • Develop a culture of learning, your learning and development networks and a tool kit for personal growth
  • Promote good people management using real examples which highlight the pitfalls and progress possible within the subject matter of each module
  • Align your personal development coaching to the clients business and management development needs
  • Develop your understanding of people management and your concept of your own talent and personal potential as a manager and leader
  • Provide delegates with embedded skills for managing self and others. These skills build on your platform of personal resilience and will address practical steps such as how to manage positive and negative feedback and how to manage conflict to reach a resolution
  • Share simple and practical ways to ensure that good self and people management skills are practised, using example ‘confidential’ cases and developing your use of existing appraisal systems, to maximise personal and team performance
  • Promote a culture of succession planning, career coaching and talent management established through the coaching assigned for each delegate throughout the course
  • Encourage your further development and growth. All ILM learners receive 12 months Studying Membership of the Institute of Leadership and Management

Employee Assistance Programmes

We are currently developing our Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) which will be a confidential counselling and advice on service helping to support your employees on a wide range of work and personal issues.